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Whether you operate a large fleet of HGV’s or a single car or a van, you will benefit from the Texaco Fastfuel card. With competitive prices on both unleaded and diesel and access to one of the largest commercial networks in the UK, the Texaco Fastfuel card is the ideal solution for any business.

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  • Fill up at a large network of over 2,900 fuel stations, including 2600 in Great Britain and 300 in Northern Ireland.
  • Access to Texaco, popular supermarkets and the independent UK Fuels network of fuel stations and truck stops.
  • Enjoy competitive fixed pricing on both diesel and unleaded
  • Claim back VAT easily with HMRC approved weekly invoices

Why use a fuel card?


With the Texaco Fastfuel fuel card you can access a large network of over 2,900 fuel stations, this includes 2,600 in Great Britain and 300 in Northern Ireland. Fastfuel allows you to use over 750 Texaco fuel stations as well as popular supermarket networks. In Addition, you can also use the UK Fuels network of independent fuel stations, including over 1,000 local, trunk road and truck stop locations.

Fuel Pricing

The Texaco Fastfuel fuel card uses a commercial pricing system on both diesel and unleaded, this means that we set the price you pay for fuel. Every week you will receive a single wholesale related price which is fixed for the week ahead. This allows you to accurately budget for your weekly fuel spend and there is even the potential to save your business money.


Fastfuel offers transaction limits, this means that you can limit the amount of fuel that is drawn on each card. You can also limit what fuel types can be purchased which reduces the risk of the card being used to fuel non-company approved vehicles. An extra security feature is available at Texaco sites where all transactions are PIN protected.


Texaco Fastfuel offers HMRC approved invoices, meaning you no longer need to collect individual fuel receipts for VAT reclaim. All transactions are listed individually with vehicle registration, fuel type, date and time giving you a clear overview of what fuel has been purchased for which vehicle and when.

Why choose Texaco Fastfuel?

There’s never been a better time to make Texaco Fastfuel the fuel card for your business.

Here are just three reasons why:


Large network of local and national fuel stations


Fixed pricing on both unleaded and diesel


HMRC approved invoicing

Nationwide coverage

Over 2,900+ fuel stations available across Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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